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NAAA Certified Appraisals are the most widely sought after and accepted aircraft appraisals throughout the United States.

Our appraisals are the accepted evaluations by government and private agencies, financial institutions, legal proceedings, insurance companies and lenders.

NAAA appraisals are the only appraisals accepted by the NDIC (National Deposit Insurance Corp) and its member banks.

NAAA Certified appraisals are conducted under established standards and Professional Code of Ethics.  All appraisals require a physical examination of the aircraft, an inventory of equipment and avionics, and a thorough review of the log books and aircraft records.

An appraisal written by a member of the NAAA provides the client with:

  • A detailed examination of airframe, engines, props, instrumentation, avionics and all relative systems.
  • A careful review of aircraft documentation, log books, and associated records.
  • A computer analysis of relevant value data.
  • A sealed certificate of appraisal and the detailed computerized report submitted to the client.

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